Think creative communications and marketing are beyond your means?

Not true!

I can help you win and retain customers, without a big budget or specialist staff.

Do you?

  • want to be attractive to new customers?
  • wish customers purchased more frequently?
  • hope to lure new customers into your business?
  • try to get lapsed customers to give your business another try?
  • want to boost business during slow hours, weekdays or particular seasons?

I will create a communications strategy, produce the materials you need to market your services and to communicate with your customers and staff.

Are you?

  • a growing  organisation undergoing major change  and needing to explain the  changes to your staff and customers?
  • a leader needing to connect your staff with your vision and objectives?

Your customers, prospective customers and staff should understand precisely what you offer and what you stand for  – and I can help this to happen. By acting as your small business’s ‘communications and marketing department’, I’ll be there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the creative and professional expertise you require.